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An initial detailed assessment of your business will help us identify strengths and weaknesses in the context of your organizational resources in order to meet short and long-term goals. Together, we will determine the best methodology.

In addition to consulting services, we offer interim leadership for finance and operations roles. Gryphon Consulting will get the job done, acting as your strategic advisor for short or long periods of time, full or part-time.


Assessing business viability is critical to sustained and successful operation; this careful study identifies strengths and weaknesses and can be an important early warning system for your business.

Gryphon Consulting specializes in evaluating corporate accounting environments. We analyze the current capabilities and recommend adaptations and modifications to help your company move forward. This is a comprehensive process. We interview staff and thoroughly review the controls, policies, information systems, organizational structure, individual skills and policies and procedures of the organization.

After careful review, we formulate and execute strategic recommendations based on our analysis. Gryphon Consulting offers customized assessments tailored to specific industry needs, such as cash handling for retail operations or revenue recognition policies for complex service models.

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Interim Leadership

The functions performed by CFOs and Controllers are critical to continued success. Small businesses cannot always fund these roles and large businesses may have an interim staffing shortage or need high-quality resources for a special project. Gryphon Consulting provides on-site solutions in the Boston area and beyond.

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Start-up and Revamping Systems

New businesses need all the help they can get. From business plans to financial projections, Gryphon Consulting is by your side to act decisively on your behalf. We will work with you and your vendors to identify needs and explain options. Our network of professionals is also available to assist with the legal work of creating an entity, from insurance brokers for liability and benefit coverage to accounting firms, bookkeeping services, and HR needs. We can create an accounting department from scratch to help you move forward without delay.

If your organization has outgrown its existing infrastructure, or if you’re planning for growth, we work with you to best determine a practical strategy. Existing staff often cannot take time away from daily operations to facilitate growth and system improvement. Gryphon Consulting will work with your staff to implement solutions while allowing your business to continue operating seamlessly.

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Financial Turnarounds & Change Management

Change can be difficult and implementing sustainable change is particularly challenging. Gryphon Consulting has helped companies modify their business models and practices to ensure fiscal viability. In the event an exit strategy is the best solution, Gryphon Consulting can help you manage it well. We will:
  • Analyze business strategy
  • Evaluate service offerings for true cost and profitability
  • Review and build financial and operational infrastructure
  • Build and automate operational tools
  • Create and manage budgets
  • Train business managers to work with budgeting tools
  • Renegotiate terms with vendors and other stake-holders

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Systems Management

Successful implementation starts with identifying the organization’s needs and choosing a system that best meets those needs. We have helped companies select and implement small and mid-sized Customer Relationship Management tools and Accounting Information Systems. Gryphon Consulting will help ensure that you invest in the right tools for the job.

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Small Business Needs

In a small business, owners need to focus on their customers and operations. Sometimes they neglect their own finances or systems. If your business is in crisis and needs immediate help, or you are feeling disorganized, we can help you get back on track.

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